Understanding The Market For Limo Services

Market For Limos

Though you may be ready to start a limo business, it’s important to know which kind of limousine service you’d like to run. Typically, limousine services are either for the corporate market or for the occasional market. Here is a description of each so you know which direction to take your business.


Corporate Market for Limo Services


Limousine services for the corporate market mostly involve whisking business people from office to airport or from hotel to various stops in a city. Though this market tends to be more lucrative, it can be hard to break into. Once you’ve established a clientele, however, this option will take care of itself from a marketing perspective.


Occasional Market for Limo Services


The occasional market involves serving people during special occasions like proms and weddings. Unlike the corporate market, where you have established clients who are regular customers, the occasional market means less frequent repeat visitors – meaning you’ll have to implement a strong marketing plan to continually find clients.


Find Your Best Option for a New Limo Business


Both options have their pros and cons, but it depends mostly on the kind of culture you feel you’d like to service. With the corporate market, your own culture must reflect that of the business world. For the occasional market, you have the freedom to have a bit more fun in your company culture. Both options can be lucrative, so determine which suits your personality best.

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