Rare Limos You’ll Want to Ride In

Check Out These 3 Unique Limos

Though you can expect second glances when riding in a limousine, these limos would garner full-on stares. Here are a few limos we wish we could take a spin in.

  1. Stretch Harley Davidson Motorcycle Limo

With a motorcycle in front and the body of a limo behind, this hybrid is one you may want to drive as well as ride. The interior has all the amenities and comforts of a traditional limousine experience, including a bar and a flat screen television.

Stretch Harley Davidson Motorcycle Limo

  1. The 727 Limo

We usually think of limos as a way to catch an airplane – not as an airplane itself – but taking the 727 Limo means taking an airplane to get to the airport. It’s not the prettiest ride you’ve ever seen, but it will seat up to 50 people and includes a stocked bar, a bed, an entertainment system and a dance floor. The nature of this limo’s design means you can’t see the wheels, so it looks like it’s hovering across the highway.

The 727 Limo

  1. Stretch Lamborghini Aventador

The opening to the film Cannonball Run would be much different if the Lamborghini speeding down the highway was a Lamborghini limousine. It may seem like a sacrilege to expand a $400,000 speeding Aventador into a slower limo, but it doesn’t affect how cool the car looks. As a bonus, it would mean including a few more friends in your teenage dream.

Stretch Lamborghini Aventador

Though it would be great to pull away in one of these unique vehicles, you don’t need an airplane, a Harley, or a Lamborghini to get where you are going in style. Contact us to schedule your limousine ride.

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