Leverage Co-Creation to Sell Your Services

Sell Your Services

There are many ways to approach service-oriented businesses, but understanding the building blocks of service can be indispensable in finding positive solutions for your company. First, consider what it means to be in the service industry:


  • Services are typically a result of a particular customer’s expectation. That’s the primary reason why we cannot produce services in bulk and sell them (like tangible products). So, the effort the service provider puts into developing a service can’t easily be used to showcase new services.


  • Most services are individual-oriented. Customers who buy services typically buy the skills, competence and attention of a particular person. If that person leaves one company and goes to another, his or her customers will likely follow.


  • Most services are time-intensive. In addition to expertise, what service providers mostly sell is time, and they typically bill using an hourly rate (as opposed to the per widget or per chicken-serving rate). You often make appointments to get your services rendered. For a service provider, time is literally money. If an hour passes unbilled, it’s lost income and can never be recouped.


Consider Unique Circumstances!!!!!

The most successful companies know exactly what their customers are looking for but knowing what they want is the KEY! You don’t need a mind reader or a crystal ball, rather, work toward Co-Creation to sell your services. Companies co-create by bringing aboard third-party individuals as advisers. That group could be made up of consumers, vendors, designers, suppliers, marketers, retailers and assorted experts in your field. Co-Creation is a dynamic tool wherein the group starts with advice on a concept design (even considering UX/UI), and their input doesn’t end until the service is on sale.

Benefits of co-creation

Benefits of Co-Creation

Co-creation offers applicable insights in real time, ensuring your high-tech services are fulfilling the needs and wants of your customers instead of just being there for the sake of being there.

– Co-creation supplies demographic information. Demographics matters; millennials in your co-creation group may be excited by a certain service while baby boomers yawn at the thought of it — or vice versa. That knowledge will prove invaluable when it’s time to market your service.

– Co-creation groups can function as your market research group. These people can tell you what compels them to watch a commercial rather than ignore it, what they think your packaging should look like, what colors in a print advertisement attract their attention and many other details.


By harnessing co-creation, your company can offer potential customers the most useful, usable and user-friendly services possible. It’s a style that some experts call “Human-Centric Selling” and where “Brand Loyalty” is born.

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