How To Present Your Salt Lake City Transportation Service To Hotels

Salt Lake City Transportation Service


Regardless of your industry, one of your main goals is to promote your services to the right people – and make the best impression you can. Here are three things that hotels look for in Salt Lake City transportation service and providers.


  1. Digital Platforms for Ease of Use


Whether it’s for the hotel management or the end client, making sure your digital platform is clear and user friendly is crucial. Hotel management want a streamlined experience, and they don’t want to explain a complicated system to guests.


  1. A Welcoming Environment


Your hotel clientele will see your fleet as a reflection of their establishment. It should look professional, immaculately clean, and in perfect working condition. Adding another level of hospitality to that will make your business stand apart. Consider what travelers would want or need when they step into your vehicles – bottled water or breath mints are thoughtful options.


  1. Positive Employees


You are offering an upscale service; your fleet should reflect that, but so should your drivers and other employees. Proper attire and a respectful attitude aren’t optional; they are requirements for service industries. In addition to those aspects, your team should be knowledgeable, kind, and able to guide clients as necessary.


When approaching a hotel about patronizing your business, look to the hotel’s culture. Do many international visitors frequent the hotel? Include drivers who are bilingual. Is the hotel family-friendly? Make sure your fleet is as well. Use the hotel as a mirror to sell yourself, and they will consider your services as an extension of theirs.



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